Menlo College Announces Asia Research Institute

Menlo College Announces Asia Research Institute

Menlo College proudly announces the founding of the Asia Research Institute, co-directed by Professor of Finance Soumendra De and Professor of International Management Rajesh Kumar. The Institute will guide Menlo College students to function effectively in a global setting, through a wide range of activities that will include academic seminars, public lectures, and colloquia series.

The Asia Research Institute at Menlo College will offer students an opportunity to assimilate the linkages between Asia and the United States, and to position themselves for burgeoning job opportunities in Asia.

“The rise of Japan and South Korea is now being followed by an unparalleled economic resurgence in both China and India. Thailand and Malaysia are close behind,” said Professor Kumar. “Asia is now a source, as well as a recipient of sizable flows of foreign direct investment in the global economy. It accounted for 30% of global foreign direct investment inflows in 2014 (UNCTAD). The expectation is that by 2050 Asia will account for 52% of the world’s global gross domestic product.”

Professor De cited the fact that Apple derives more of its revenue from China than it does from any other country. He explained that the growth and development that we are observing in Asia is dramatically different from the West. The increasing significance of Asia in the global economy invites us to explore the implications of Asia’s rise on the changing strategies of the multinational enterprises, as well as the political implications of the shifting geopolitical balance of power.

Professor De and Professor Kumar will work with Asian scholars and practitioners around the world to initiate and implement projects of mutual interest. They also plan to establish a scholarly connection with Asia Pacific Research Center (APARC) at Stanford University, and the Institute of East Asian (IEAS) Studies at UC Berkeley.