Menlo College Alumnus Arjun Devgan ’01 Recommends Networking to Build a Career Path

Menlo College Alumnus Arjun Devgan ’01 Recommends Networking to Build a Career Path

Arjun Devgan ’01 is VP of Customer Success at Comprehend Systems, Inc., an analytics startup that offers cloud-based clinical data insight tools that improve the way clinical researchers access, understand, explore and analyze data.

Arjun, who holds a BS in Management with a concentration in Information Systems from Menlo College, recently attended an alumni reception to meet President Richard A. Moran at the Pacific Union Club. During a conversation at the reception, he described his first job after college in sales operations at Intacct, a cloud-based financials software start-up in Los Gatos.

“The VP of Sales who hired me was the father of a fellow Menlo alumnus. My next job was also thanks to an alumnus, whom I ran into in the midst of my job search. That one turned out to be a far more fruitful move, as I ended up spending 12 years at NetSuite, watching the company grow from a 125-person start-up to a publicly-traded major software brand.”

At Comprehend, Arjun is responsible for Implementation, Education Services, Customer Success & Support teams. In recognition of its cloud-based clinical data insights solutions, Comprehend has been named to The Silicon Valley Innovation & Entrepreneurship Forum (SVIEF) 2014’s Top 30 Innovation Awards. The honor comes just a month after the company announced $21 million in Series B financing in a funding round led by Sequoia Capital and Lightspeed Venture Partners.

Designed specifically for life sciences, Comprehend Clinical™ enables data managers, monitors and clinical operations executives to identify broad operational and clinical trends across trials and report on a wide range of factors, including safety issues, regulatory requirements and opportunities for critical time and cost savings.

While at Menlo College, Arjun recalls running twice for Student Body President. “I worked twice as hard during the second campaign, talked to almost every student on campus who was willing to lend an ear, and I was elected. It was that experience that stayed with me for a long time. Being resilient and persistent in the face of challenges is important if you want to achieve your goals.”

Arjun, who blogs for advises Menlo College students, “Everyone knows internships are important. What a lot of people won’t tell you is that networking is even more important. Build a professional presence (LinkedIn) and network while in college. It will help you think through what you want to do with your career.”