Menlo Alumni Raise $11,000 in One Day with New Battery

Menlo College alumni Tom Haflinger '07 and Bryan Liu '03 have teamed up to introduce a new external battery for smartphones and tablets, and they have accepted over $11,000 in preorders in their first 24 hours on crowdfunding hub, thanks to the support of over 200 customers.

Tom and Bryan met at Menlo in 2003. Tom was a freshman, and Bryan was an exchange student from Peking University. The two bonded over their mutual fondness for martial arts and have stayed in touch ever since.

At the beginning of this year, Tom and Bryan began work on their new company, Zendure, to set a new standard in consumer electronics. For their flagship product, they decided to aim for a rapidly growing market: external batteries that can recharge smartphones, tablets and other USB-powered devices.

“We wanted the A-Series to be the best battery available,” said Tom. “Producing a product like this means starting at the end, the user experience, and working your way backward. First you decide what it should feel like to own and use the product, then conduct research and focus groups to find out what factors would be involved in that experience, and then develop a product that satisfies those criteria.”

Those attributes included high charge capacity, space-saving design, noticeable build quality, and the ability to charge other devices while the battery itself is being charged.

“We had to identify and reach out to top experts in the external battery industry to come up with a manufacturing plan for the A-Series,” said Bryan. “That has required countless hours driving around and making phone calls, but the experience and confidence we gained from working with them has been extremely worthwhile. We have no doubts that the A-Series will be the top battery in the industry.”

To learn more, and to pledge your support, visit their Kickstarter page.