Menlo Alum Makes Personal Finance Video

Mass Communication alumna Yan (Etta) Zhang '10 recently produced a video highlighting Menlo Professor Donna Little's Personal Finance course.

Etta grew up in Shenzhen, in the Guangdong province of China. After her aunt and uncle attended a corporate picnic on the Menlo College campus, Etta learned that the college has a Mass Communication program. She soon arrived at Menlo to finish her bachelor's degree.

In searching for a subject to document, Etta decided to focus on something that could help people in their daily lives.

“I felt that so many young people do not know how to manage their money and credit cards,” said Etta. “The Personal Finance course allows teens and college students to gain more information about personal finance and receive tips about using money.”

Before working on the video, Etta brushed up on her own aptitude for finance. This helped her identify the types of questions that would gain the most insight from students and from Professor Little.

Etta rented a camera and software from the nearby Media Center. The video not only explains the purpose of the course, but also shows how students are benefitting from the skills they have learned. Professor Little stressed the importance of financial literacy, and students discussed how they applied their knowledge to manage their personal finances.

“When I watch [my video] I feel very happy, pleased with the results,” though she said she has heard the theme song a few too many times after editing.

Etta now works on campus in the Office of Technology, and she plans to do more videos on campus as well as continue to gain more skills at the Media Center. Her next adventure is to work at a Chinese radio station in the Bay Area. With her can-do attitude and friendly spirit, she will soon be on the airwaves.

Click here to watch the video.