Maximum Capacity at Menlo – A First for Enrollment Management

For the first time ever, Menlo College enrollment is filled to capacity. Holly Dalton, Dean of Enrollment Management, replied to the question of how it was accomplished, “This phenomenal success is due to the small but outstanding teamwork of the faculty, staff, coaches, alumni, and current students who all supported the recruitment effort. The team is focused on admitting high quality students who will thrive on our campus. The community’s commitment to the College brought us a great class of students. I am proud of our achievement, and am excited that the recruitment efforts for next year’s class is already underway!” 

Keith Spataro, Athletic Director said, “Our coaches have been highly successful at recruiting because of the collaborative effort between admissions and athletics and because our coaches are extremely good at selecting students that ‘FIT” us and selling them on the great opportunities that Menlo College provides. More importantly, they see the same attractions of Menlo as our current students:  winning, academic success, internship opportunities, and job placement.”

“I believe our success is due to the way we approach the students,” said Priscila de Souza, Associate Dean. “Menlo’s transition to a focus primarily on business education, achievement of AACSB certification, the Pritzker and Osher gifts, our new president, and our school spirit demonstrated by celebrations such as the inauguration and homecoming have all added to increasing our popularity. In addition, Jessica Ayres, our Director of Financial Aid worked tirelessly with each student to make it affordable as well as desirable.” 

Jessica Ayres said, “Our success was due in large part to the team’s cohesiveness and ability to work together for the common goal. We all help each other; whether its folding and stuffing envelopes, seeing unscheduled student appointments, answering general questions about another’s department, or assisting students at the counter. This culture of care for each other’s success is a hallmark of Menlo College. Menlo is a safe, supportive, and open environment that nurtures our team-centered attitude.”

Helping prospective students and their families understand the value of a Menlo College education is a collective undertaking. While the admissions team plays a pivotal role, their success would not be possible without the critical support of alumni, current students, faculty and coaches alike. The personal attention students receive at Menlo College is unrivaled, and the commitment members of the community make to communicating that message is a key component of the Menlo Advantage.