Make a Connection with Our Students!

Shaleia Auld '11 is an intern in the Office of External Affairs. Among her many assignments is the role of Student Manager of the 2010 team of student fundraisers. She's called “Chief.” These friendly, hardworking undergrads write personal notes to alumni and past donors to cultivate better relationships with Menlo, and encourage them to renew their support of the College. What better endorsement of the Menlo Advantage is there besides the sincere comments from our most important customers?

Kamalu Kaina '12: “I play offensive line for Menlo and as of right now, our season is looking really good. Here at Menlo, I've been receiving a great education and every day I've been learning something new.”

JD Ochoa '12: “I have seen Menlo grow and change for the better each year. Being at Menlo is like living in a small community where students, faculty and staff come together to share memorable bonds.”

Alayna Negrillo '13: “My goal is to graduate in four years with a degree in Business Management. Menlo has become my home away from home as I continue on my journey to further my education.”

Drake Medeiros '13: “Growing up in a family that worked through difficult struggles while putting me through a private high school and sending me off to College has taught me a great amount of appreciation towards all lending hands. It has also taught me that with courage and the will to do something, anything that I put my mind to, is never impossible.”

Joedee Lovell ' 14: “I challenged myself to attend a college far away from home and in a location where the nearest family member is a six hour drive away. This has enabled me to make decisions on my own, and become more dependent on myself rather than my family.”

James Flores '11 has worked with the team for his entire college career: “I would like to thank you very much for your previous donations. I hope to graduate this spring with my degree in Psychology. It is because of people like you that I …can continue my dream of becoming a scholar-athlete.”

This fall, Shaleia and her team hope to raise at least $20,000 for the Annual Fund which supports scholarships, academics, student life and athletics. It's a positive experience where each member has personal goals as well as team goals that result in improving multiple communication and teamwork skills, while doing a fantastic job of representing Menlo College to our alumni, donors, and parents.