Look Who’s Blogging

February 13, 2013

Graduation Rates

The Huff Post College blog just published President James J. Kelly’s article, “Why One Graduation Rate Doesn’t Fit All.” The article discusses the President’s belief that the federal graduation rate tracking system should be changed. Currently, the rate calculation only includes first-time freshmen who graduate, but does not include students who transfer into a college and graduate. “Federal and state funding agencies rely on these rates as a basis for determining scholarships and grants for students,” said President Kelly. “Every degree should count.”

Financial Literacy

Menlo College’s Professor Donna Little is in the news on NerdScholar Student Tips blog. In “Financial Literacy Spotlight: Menlo College Combines Personal Finance Coursework with Real-Life Application,” NerdScholar Communications Analyst Laura Pereyra, discusses Menlo College’s focus on financial literacy through Professor Little’s classes that help students graduate with financial self-awareness.