LinkedIn and Lynda Help Menlo College Students Prepare for Employment

LinkedIn and Lynda Help Menlo College Students Prepare for Employment

Ryan Zervakos, Relationship Manager at LinkedIn, spoke at Menlo Connect Day in a workshop on networking and personal brand enhancement. At the workshop, Menlo College students received a professional headshot for LinkedIn profiles and great branding advice.

According to Zervakos, seven million jobs are now available on LinkedIn, a social media recruitment channel. This is far more jobs than listings on the competitor, Indeed. He explained that the significant number of jobs and the recruiters who help to place them make it imperative that students and alumni learn how to fine-tune their personal brands on the LinkedIn site. is the leading online learning platform for developing business, software, technology, and creative skills. Use of Lynda is free to use for all enrolled students at Menlo College. When students complete a Lynda course, they can post the certificate of completion on their LinkedIn page.

Zervakos described Lynda as a way to bridge skills gaps. “Using Lynda, students can strengthen skills they’ll need to be competitive.”

LinkedIn offers a free app specifically for students which Zervakos recommends using, specifying that it has great options for networking with alumni. For those students interested in global business, he suggested creating profiles in more than one language.

Zervakos offered ideas for brand enhancement:

  • Complete 100% of your profile. Complete profiles are forty times more likely to receive opportunities.
  • Maintain your profile on a regular basis.
  • A profile photo will get you 14 times more views than a profile without a photo.
  • Write an attention-grabbling headline.
  • Write a compelling summary statement.
  • Add examples of your work through photos, presentations, videos, and blogposts.
  • Give dynamic appeal.
  • Include volunteer experiences and causes.
  • Add skills and get them endorsed.
  • Try to get your own name in your LinkedIn URL to create recognition in your profile.
  • Get the inMail upgrade so you can contact people through LinkedIn.
  • Look up alumni data to identify contacts and mentors.
  • Use LinkedIn’s Career Paths and learning programs that offer a certificate of completion.

With a completed LinkedIn profile and Lynda to strengthen your skills, you’ll be ready to interview!