Leadership Day Prepares Students for Success

Student leaders from left to right: Michael Kukahiwa, member of the Student Government, and resident assistants Alayna Negrillo, Jordan Aina, and Greig O'Connor.

February 21, 2012

Menlo College held the 1st Annual Leadership Day on Sunday, February 19. The day, organized by the Office of Student Affairs, included keynote speakers, student panels, workshops, and a fashion show, sponsored by Banana Republic and the Men’s Wearhouse. The event was designed to help students become leaders on campus and in the workplace, as well as show them how to dress for various occasions, including business meetings and interviews.

“It makes me feel really good to see that there are so many students who are like me and want to be involved in a lot of things,” said junior Katrina Smith, who helped organize the workshops as a member of the Presentation Committee. “Leadership Day helped us, as already established leaders, to build our own leadership skills as well as scope out and see who future leaders could be, using it as a recruiting method.”

In the evening, students learned how to eat during an interview or a business meeting at the 6th Annual Business Etiquette Dinner. The event, organized by Career Services, provided them with a safe environment to practice and become confident about their dining skills.

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