Late Night Breakfast

December 13, 2012

Monday night Menlo College played host to a tradition during finals week—Late Night Breakfast. All Menlo students were invited to take a relaxing break from studying to fill their stomachs and share laughs with their peers. Faculty and staff members wearing festive gear served scrambled eggs, bacon, pancakes and tater tots to the students from 9 to 11pm. 

“Late Night Breakfast is one of my favorite events of the school year and this year was no exception,” said Mary Robins, Director of Career Services. “I enjoyed serving food, talking with students and wishing everyone good luck on their finals and a very happy holiday.”

“I enjoyed being able to take a break from studying,” said senior Amber Jaimes. “It was great to spend some time with friends and eat some delicious food – It’s the last time I’ll be able to experience a breakfast like this at Menlo!”