Larry Bensky Visits Menlo to Talk about Barack Obama in the Light of History

By Vicky Schultz

To commemorate the many transformational presidents the United States has seen, Menlo College welcomed literary and political journalist Larry Bensky on Monday evening to celebrate President’s Day.

Bensky is well known for his work with Pacifica Radio, a network of radio stations known for its progressive political orientation, and was presented with the George Polk Award in Journalism for his work on the Iran-Contra scandal in the 1980s. Bensky currently teaches classes on American Presidency at Cal State East Bay and the UC Berkeley Osher Lifetime Learning Institute.

The topic of his speech at Menlo was “Barack Obama in the Light of History” where Bensky discussed the current president’s journey to the Oval Office, the legacy he will leave behind and American Exceptionalism.

“Dr. Bensky was engaging and well informed,” said student Seren Mohn. “He was obviously opinionated on some subjects, but gave Obama serious criticism as well as praise for his many accomplishments.”


His discussion was part of the Monday Night Speaker Series sponsored by the Academic Affairs and Student Affairs offices. On March 3, 2014, Menlo will be welcoming law professor and sociologist Dr. Michele Landis Dauber from Stanford Law School at 7pm.