James T. Rea ’67 Joins Board of Trustees

“Attending Menlo College School of Business Administration in 1963 was one of the best decisions in my life. Through the wise stewardship of people such as Judge Russell and Pat Tobin, I 'learned how to learn',” said Jim Rea, newly-appointed member of the Board of Trustees. “They, and other professors, awoke within me a passion for the knowledge of business and history, and a strong appreciation for the arts. I developed my interest in the investment world while at Menlo, and have been in the investment management business since 1969. I learned how the hard sciences of accounting and finance overlap the soft worlds of history and art to help produce exceptional investment returns. I don't believe that any other place but Menlo would have given me that quality level of education. It also provided me with some of my dearest friends.

“After graduation from Menlo in 1967, I became a contemporary art collector and briefly studied Art History at Stanford University, and became a partner in a local Menlo Park investment management firm. I formed James T. Rea & Associates and later sold it to a private European Bank with a very extensive art collection. Business and art came together again. I attended the Stanford University Graduate School of Business Investment Management program in 1981, and in 1989 formed Brookside Capital, Inc., an investment counseling firm in San Francisco managing high net worth investment portfolios in the U.S. and Europe.

“Although born in Southern California, the San Francisco Bay Area has been my true home ever since I came to Menlo. My wife, Linda, daughter, Suzanne and I enjoy spending a few months every year at our home in Kailua-Kona, Hawaii. I am very active at the St. Francis Yacht Club where I have served on their board. When I'm not researching global trends that will impact the economy and individual companies, you can find me close to the water, racing and cruising sail boats, fly fishing and ocean sport fishing, frequently with fellow Menlo alums.”