Images of Menlo—Works by Plein Air Artists

On October 3 and 4, local artists came to the Menlo College campus to participate in a plein air event. As the College's seventh exhibition in the “Outside the Box, Inside the Frame” series, Menlo College proudly presents a collection featuring the multi-faceted artistic expression of local plein air artists Edwin Bertolet, Marcia Enns, Susan Hall, Carole Rafferty, Colleen Sullivan, and Cristina Velazquez, as well as Menlo campus community members Michael Pauker and Dan Trimbath.

The exhibit opened Thursday, October 29 with a reception in the Administration Building. The College announced their purchase of the winning selection, Carole Rafferty's Twin Towers. Artists Edwin Bertolet, Susan Hall, and Colleen Sullivan received honorable mention for their works.

The show was organized by the Menlo College Art Committee to invite local artists to capture the natural beauty of our campus for all to enjoy.