How to Reduce Stress During Finals Week

How to Reduce Stress During Finals Week

Peer tutors. Left to right, bottom row: Dan Luo, Samantha Tongo, Katie McClain, Sherylyn Sabado, and Jessica Shepardson. Top row, left to right: Manchen Lu, Brittni Byun, Joey Swink, Jordan Shiffler, and Chris Humphreys.

December 5, 2012

Stress levels are rising as students push through the last weeks before the Winter Break. Here are some helpful tips to prepare for the end-of-semester exams.

Create a realistic study plan that can help manage the workload over the next couple of weeks. Remember, relaxation is the key to overcoming stress – any study plan should include breaks for sleep, snacking, and exercise. Once a plan has been made the studying can begin.

Form a study group – sharing notes and discussing class topics can help retain information. Also, students should try teaching some of their classmates what they already know as a method of remembering material.

Menlo College’s Academic Success Center provides a variety of resources to help make students’life less stressful. If struggling with specific subjects, students can head to the Tutor Lab where one of the 12 peer tutors will help review any subject from Finance, Math, and Statistics to English, Political Science, and Italian.

“The Tutor Lab is an amazing resource to utilize,” said Samantha Tongo, one of the peer tutors. “The tutors available this semester have experienced different classes and professors, which makes them insightful guides to acing the exams. Knowing that your peers have gone through the same ‘ordeal’ and are able to give you advice will definitely help to relieve you of stress during finals week.”

Another resource is the Bowman Library and its accommodating staff. The library offers extended hours the week before and during finals (view full schedule). It will remain open until 1 am to accommodate all students who need a place to study.

Following these recommendations and making use of what Menlo has to offer should help students not only cope with the stress of final exams, but also get the grade that they want.

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