Happy Holidays!

December 22, 2011

We wish you happy holidays and a great 2012! As we approach 2012 and the Spring Semester, we look back at the Fall 2011 and its most memorable moments.

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Menlo Homecoming 2011 Photo Gallery
  1. We started the semester with music and bonfires.

  2. Celebrating Hispanic Heritage Month, celebrating our divercity!

  3. Students had their choice of more than 40 clubs during the 2011 Club Fair.

  4. Homecoming, as usual, was one of the most exciting events of the year.

  5. Powder puff game, an essential part of Homecoming celebration.

  6. The cheer team shone in their new uniforms during their Homecoming Day debut.

  7. Our football players gave us plenty of reasons to be proud of them. Go Oaks!

  8. Students danced all night, wrapping up their Homecoming weekend with a Homecoming Dance.

  9. Every Tuesday at 7pm students and professors got together for Study Slam to do homework and enjoy free pizza.

  10. The women’s soccer team showed their entrepreneurial spirit with a car wash fundraiser.

  11. Atherton Vice Mayor spoke to students about rights and freedoms in America on Constitution Day.

  12. Students organized a whole week of events to mark International Peace Day.

  13. President Kelly is always happy to share knowledge with students.

  14. Students took part in the Halloween Costume Contest showing some amazing outfits.

  15. Students gave blood at one of the regular blood drives.

  16. The honored tradition of SBA Day returned to Menlo with over 350 students, alumni, faculty, and local business leaders gathering on campus for a day focused exclusively on business.

  17. Synchronized Studio, winners of the Mini-Business-Plan competition.

  18. Menlo College men's soccer team earned their first ever California Pacific Conference championship. The Oaks finished their conference slate undefeated at a perfect 10-0.

  19. Students took a break from studying for finals with a late night breakfast served by Menlo’s faculty and staff.

  20. We congratulate our December graduates!

  21. We are all different. That’s the beauty of being part of Menlo community.

  22. Happy holidays!

Photo credits: Raechelle Clemmons, Darcy Blake, Darren Kawahara, President James J. Kelly, Jessie Guilliot, Andrey Poliakov.