Guide to Social Media at Menlo

Menlo College is on Twitter, Facebook, and other social media channels.

August 25, 2011

What's the best way to stay informed about news about Menlo College? Whether you're a student, faculty and staff, or alumni—or even a parent or interested community member—there's a way to get school updates as part of your daily news.

“Everyone is on Facebook and Twitter these days, so we're posting all our news there, along with photos and other useful information. We want to make sure that it's really easy to stay up-to-date with what’s happening at Menlo,” said Raechelle Clemmons, CIO of Menlo College.

Twitter is an important news channel, and for students, @MenloStuLife is a new Twitter feed that specifically covers campus life. Think of it as your Twitter RA: Recent tweets included a reminder to take placement exams and mini-profiles of the real RAs. It joins the school's primary Twitter feed, @MenloCollege, which covers a broader range of news on campus. Sports fans will want to start following @MenloAthletics. Students may also want to see if their professors are on Twitter; for example, @profmichelson is the handle for Dr. Melissa Michelson, Professor of Political Science at Menlo College. She is tweeting inforrmation related to her classes this fall, and it's also a chance to learn about her interest in social media and politics.

On Facebook, the Menlo College Page is popular, with more than 1,300 people who have “liked” it. Subscribers have recently discussed such topics as what advice they would give to incoming freshmen to how the school is integrating internships into its curriculum. It's also a way to access the school's online photo albums from major events. Alumni can also subscribe to the Menlo College Alumni page.

And while Facebook and Twitter have received a lot of attention, LinkedIn has value as a networking site. Alumni and current students may be interested in joining the LinkedIn Menlo College Alumni Council group.

For a full list of all the ways you can stay connected, check out Menlo's new Social Media Directory.  You'll find specific Facebook pages for the Lady Oaks wrestling team, a LinkedIn page for accounting alumni, and individual Twitter feeds for Menlo faculty and staff.