Gloves Fit to Win Competition

The winning team in the Mini Business Plan Competition included four freshmen baseball players from Dr. Deborah McCabe's Business Management Practice class: Donovan Bonner, Mickey Phelps, Derrick Rodriquez, and Sam Shapiro. The team developed a company called DDSM Gloves that would be based in Omaha, Nebraska. DDSM Gloves' business concept was to produce and sell a form-fitted glove that molds to a baseball player's hand once the player puts it on.

“I was very impressed with the DDSM team,” said Dr. McCabe. “They not only played to their strengths by creating a product that they themselves would like to use, they worked very hard to create a top notch business plan. They came by my office numerous times to make sure they were on the right track and that their financials made sense. I think the combination of their academic capabilities and athletic training helped propel them to the finals. They weren't satisfied simply to do well; they wanted to win and were willing to do whatever it took to reach that goal.”

Modest Business Plans Submitted

Student teams prepared modest business plans in which they identified a business opportunity, developed the concept, created a marketing plan, an organizational structure and a basic financial plan, including a cash flow statement, profit and loss statement and income statement. Each team submitted a written plan and a ten-minute PowerPoint presentation that they delivered in front of the class.

During the fall 2010 semester, the best business plan from each of ten sections of MGT. 101 participated in the competition. Each team had 10 minutes to convince the judges that their Business Plan had the most potential for success. They also had to field questions from the judges:

Mr. Gary Kremen, CleanPowerFinance
Mr. Michael Tomars, Securities and Exchange Commission
Mr. Lukas Biewald, CrowdFlower
Mr. Simon Glinsky, The Glinsky Group

Judging Criteria

The ten presentations were evaluated on the following criteria:

Most Important:

  • Competitive advantage created
  • Research accomplished and reasonableness of financials
  • Vision, audacity and creativity, inspiration
  • Marketing, effectiveness of steps outlined

Also important:

  • Teamwork, participation of all team members
  • Presentation skills, slides
  • Answering questions
  • Practicality, execution well-outlined

“From a teacher's perspective, it's always exciting to see your students become so engaged in a project and be able to translate classroom concepts into real-world applications,” said Dr. McCabe. “It also was exciting to see the looks on their faces when the winners were announced. The hooting and high fives were followed by the decision to celebrate at a steak restaurant but, first things first. They wanted to call their families and share the good news!”

The first place winners each received $100. The second prize winners each received $50 for a proposed upscale Las Vegas hotel restaurant. The third prize team members each received $20 for proposing a sailing instruction course that doubled as a family therapy program.