Garfield 7th Graders Experience College for a Day

Garfield students enjoy their day at Menlo.

October 12, 2011

Menlo Park Rotary Club and Service Education and Resources for Volunteers (SERV) welcomed students from Garfield Middle School to the Menlo College campus today for the seventh annual Garfield College Day. Each year, seventh graders from Garfield visit Menlo to learn about campus life and the benefits of higher education.

“Kids come and experience what it’s like to be in a private college,” said Yasmin Lambie-Simpson, Dean of Student Affairs. “It’s about planting a seed, showing them their options. We want to let the students know what their next steps can be in their educational journey.”

Student volunteers helped organize the event, led by Heidi Gonzalez, Senior Class President and SERV Coordinator. They gave Garfield students a tour of campus, had lunch with them, and played soccer and other games in the afternoon before gathering in the auditorium to discuss the importance of going to college. One of the brightest moments of the meeting was a presentation by Garfield graduate and current college student Miguel Lozano, who answered challenging questions about his life and choices he made.

Many students at Garfield come from poor neighborhoods where a major concern is getting a job and earning money, rather than pursuing higher education. Garfield College Day is designed to open their eyes to college life and motivate them to excel in the classroom.