Forgotten Paper – A Collection of Paper Left Behind

Forgotten Paper – A collection of paper left behind

Forgotten Paper – A collection of paper left behind is an exhibit composed of a fraction of the forgotten paper collected at and around Menlo College printers during finals week last fall.

Instead of recycling the unclaimed printer paper at the Bowman Library, the Menlo College librarians decided to display some of it in order to remind the campus community that we can do better.

The concept for Forgotten Paper originated through the team efforts of the librarians. Cheryl Collins, Technical Services Librarian and College Archivist, suggested that an exhibit or display using the collected paper would be a way to raise awareness of the problem, and serve as a reminder to students to print only what is necessary – and that when they print, to retrieve their documents from the printers.

Melissa Pincus, then a Menlo Information Services librarian, agreed and drew on her previous experience in retail to conceptualize the idea. Pincus, the paper crumpler and stringer, worked with Dave Chavez from facilities to install the paper garlands from the ceiling in the lobby of Menlo’s library.

The purpose of this exhibit is to inspire a creative thought process about how society can adjust our systems, processes, and behaviors in order to reduce waste, paper, and otherwise to build a more sustainable existence.