Ethics in All-Out Action

Monday, November 29, 2010

by Quynh Anh Nguyen Tran '11

Ethics is a facet of business that cannot be effectively taught through textbooks, as ethical dilemmas and situations are never quite alike. The Ethics in Action club is proud to present Menlo students opportunities to learn about this unique side of business.

The guest speaker the club managed to “entice” this month was Stephan Greenberg, VP of JNL Universal Business Corporation and President of the Terra Firma Corporation. Mr. Greenberg's work around the world demands a delicate balance between business ethics and opportunities to expand his wine growing operations.

Mr. Greenberg shook up Professor Sekerka's Business Ethics class last Wednesday, November 17th, sparking enthusiastic discussions that lasted well past the end of his scheduled visit to Menlo College.

Gelli and Belen Make It Happen

If you attended Mr. Greenberg's presentation, you may have noticed two young women sitting near the food corner, serving drinks and giggling. They were Angelica “Gelli” Adelman and Belen Tegegn, key members of the Ethics in Action club and chief organizers of the event.

Belen is the main liaison between Mr. Greenberg and the club. She had met him at a wine bottling party and wanted to invite him to speak at Menlo College. Gelli's job was to market and advertise the event, producing tons of flyers and e-mails with hints of the awesome snacks at the event.

“The night was great,” says Gelli. “Many students stayed after [Mr. Greenberg] was done speaking, to talk with him for a while longer.”

After this success, there is no doubt that the Ethics in Action club will be inviting more guest speakers to campus. Gelli also hinted at a top-secret, surprise mission to immerse the students in ethical challenges at the beginning of the Spring 2011 semester.

“We are moving our next event to the Spring semester in order to give us more time to prepare for it,” says Gelli. STAY TUNED for more updates!