Ethics in Action Speaker Series Kicks Off

The Business Ethics class with guest speakers Catherine Connolly and Monique Gregoire, and Professor Jack Klingler.

February 8, 2012

The Ethics in Action speaker series kicked off yesterday with a presentation by Catherine Connolly and Monique Gregoire from the StoneTurn Group, titled “Ethics and Forensic Accounting”. The experts discussed the nature and consequences of fraud using examples from their work experience.

“I constantly remind my students that unethical actions can cost millions of dollars,” said Dr. Leslie Sekerka, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Menlo College and Director of the Ethics in Action Research and Education Center. “Short-term gains may put you ahead, but the reputation costs and the consequences over time will be deleterious to your character, and the strength of the company will ultimately be corroded.”

The guest speaker series will continue with presentations from executives from prominent Silicon Valley companies such as Flextronics, VISA, NetApp, Blue Cross Blue Shield of CA, etc. The next session will be held on Thursday, February 9, and will feature Paula Kutansky-Brown from Flextronics, discussing ethics in the tech industry. On February 15, Dr. Thomas Plante from Santa Clara University and Stanford University will speak about ethics in everyday life. In addition, the winners of the “Spread the Love: Pay it Forward” contest will be announced at this gathering.

The series is created by the Ethics in Action Research and Education Center with support from the Ethics in Action Club. For dates and time of the upcoming events please check the calendar.