Ethics Center Receives Grant from Hervey Foundation

Ethics in Action Club with a guest speaker Dr. Plante

The Ethics in Action Club with guest speaker Dr. Plante.

September 20, 2011

The Ethics in Action Research and Education Center received a $3,000 grant last week from the James Hervey Johnson Charitable and Educational Trust to support its research and educational programming.

“This grant is an important development for our ethics Center at Menlo. I am deeply grateful to the Hervey Foundation for demonstrating their commitment to the importance of ethical awareness in business education,” said Dr. Leslie Sekerka, Director of the Center and an Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Menlo College. “This grant will help fund participation in ethics-related activities, which will help build ethical leadership at Menlo.”

The Center’s mission is to foster ethical awareness, moral decision-making, and critical ethical thinking in Menlo students and the community-at-large. Its research and educational programs are designed to explore personal strengths and virtues in human development and to help prepare students for graduate study as they examine ethical challenges in today’s business environment. The Center works to cultivate individual and organizational ethical decision-making and action, along with establishing workplace environments where professional moral courage is both encouraged and supported.