Entrepreneur Emmeline Wang Interns at Women’s Startup Lab

Emmeline Wang ’15 has an internship as a social media manager at Women’s Startup Lab, a female-focused accelerator in the Silicon Valley that supports early-stage companies. The program connects female founders with start-up mentors, advisors, leadership coaches, attorneys, venture capitalists, investors, executives, and peer founders.

Emmeline has been an intern at Women’s Startup Lab since January. Her prior intern experience was with Spotlight Speaking, where she worked on increasing audience engagements on social media networks, ultimately boosting audience-reach on Facebook by 27% during the span of her internship. Her experience in social media marketing made her a winning candidate for her current position.

“From a corporate standpoint, social media offers a powerful means to engage customers, especially when it comes to advertising for upcoming accelerator lab programs and various events,” said Emmeline. “Twitter enables short and punchy messages while Facebook offers more information in posts and pictures. Currently, I am drawing in testimonials from advisors and founders of the lab for the newly revamped website that was launched in February (www.womenstartuplab.com).”

The mission of Women’s Startup Lab is to empower female founders to be strong leaders, to create powerful startups, and to influence and shape the world through their companies using collaboration, community, and innovation. The company immerses founders in Silicon Valley startup site visits, coaching sessions, workshops, and pitch reviews that are designed to increase the speed of the path-to-product market fit.

“I’ve been at Menlo College for four years, and I love it,” said Emmeline. “It has been extremely helpful to have professors who have experience in their field of instruction. Menlo offers learning with professors who have professional experience. Having that type of mentorship inside and out of the classroom is priceless.”

A marketing major and softball player, Emmeline emphasized, “Having a vision in business is imperative to gaining the success that one desires. There are going to be obstacles and tests throughout an entrepreneurial life, and those are the moments your vision will push you and help you break through boundaries.”