Dr. William David Brice Joins Menlo College Faculty

Dr. William David Brice

July 27, 2011

Menlo College has appointed Dr. William David Brice, who will serve as Assistant Professor of Management, to its faculty. Drawing from his academic research as well as his real-world experience as a business consultant, Dr. Brice will teach classes in international business management and international marketing management.

“Teaching at Menlo College appeals to me because it is a dedicated college of business, and its location to Silicon Valley and the San Francisco Bay Area offers lots of opportunities for researching entrepreneurial technology. It also has a very nice, collegial atmosphere,” said Dr. Brice.

Previously, Dr. Brice was an assistant professor of management at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock’s College of Business, where he was also the coordinator of its international business program. He has also taught at the University of Pecs in Hungary and Hawaii Pacific University in Honolulu. He began his academic and teaching career at the University of Hawaii in Honolulu, where he received his bachelor’s degree in business administration, MBA, and Ph.D. in international management. His past areas of research include the culture of family business, the effects of ethnic culture on managerial practices, and entrepreneurship and organizational learning in emerging and transitional economies. His publication credits include the International Journal of Management, European Business Review, and Eurasian Journal of Business and Economics.

As a management consultant and business development analyst, Dr. Brice works extensively on business plans and feasibility studies. For example, the island nation of Palau hired him to create a business plan for a bottled-water export business, inspired by the success of Fiji Water. Based on his analysis, he recommended shipping the water in bulk to Guam, where a pre-existing plant could be used to bottle it, and then shipping the water to Yokohama for the Japanese market.

Dr. Brice’s experience teaching students from many cultures is another of his assets. “Teaching at Hawaii Pacific University, which is known as the most diverse university in the U.S.—a third of the students are European, a third are Asian, and a third are American—was good background and training for me. I like working with a diverse group of students,” said Dr. Brice.