Dr. Taylor Talks about Race in Politics and Society

By Vicky Schultz

On Monday, November 11 the Monday Night Speaker Series continued with Dr. James Lance Taylor, Chair and Associate Professor of the Department of Politics at the University of San Francisco.  Dr. Taylor has published numerous studies concerning African-American Politics and is well known for his 2011 book “Black Nationalism in the United States: from Malcolm X to Barack Obama.” Most recently, Dr. Taylor co-authored a book about the controversies concerning race and marijuana legalization.

“Not only is Dr. Taylor an expert on the topic of race and politics, especially Black Politics, but he is a passionate and engaging speaker,” said Professor Melissa Michelson, Ph.D. “I asked him to come talk to the Menlo College community because of the continuing relevance of race in politics and society today.”

Dr. Taylor’s speech continued the theme of race and prejudice, which was also the topic of the November 28 speaker session led by Dr. James Everitt, principle of neighboring Sacred Heart Prepatory. Everitt, also an adjunct professor at the University of San Francisco, focused on the topic of “White Privilege,” discussing how white skin privilege operates on a daily basis and how non-targets of racism can work as allies against this prejudice.

Next on the agenda is an artists' panel that will be talking about the Collage Centennial Art Exhibition on November 18.