David Laflamme ’17 Wins the Menlo College Golden Oak Service Award

David Laflamme ’17 Wins the Menlo College Golden Oak Service Award

Even those in the Menlo College community who have yet to meet David Laflamme ’17 have in some way been touched by his work. Laflamme was recently honored at the Menlo College Honors Convocation as the 2016-17 Golden Oak Service Award winner, presented to the student who has exemplified the true spirit of scholarship and volunteerism through his or her service to the Menlo College community.

Laflamme is a multi-talented individual who could consistently be found on campus shooting photos or video, and compiling them into long-lasting pieces that helped tell the story of what it means to be a student at Menlo College. Whether shooting photos at Tavern Night or at an Outdoor Adventure Club trip, capturing video to promote Menlo College to prospective students, or even shooting head shots for students to use in their individual LinkedIn profiles, Laflamme has been a multi-media staple during his time as an Oak. At the end of the day, utilizing his talent to help others is what drives Laflamme.

“Inspiring others to do more than they think they can is what drives me,” he said. “Often people comment on my contribution and how it has motivated them to try harder or do more for themselves. It drives me to continue even more when I know I have a positive impact on others.”

In addition to volunteering around campus with camera work, he has also hosted Photoshop workshops, served as the marketing director of the Outdoor Adventure Club, and the president of the Photography Club. These two newly formed clubs touched a large portion of the student population and opened up a new avenue for creativity and teaching for Laflamme. Assistant Athletics Director Jonathan Surface, was the staff representative for these two clubs and a huge source of inspiration for Laflamme.

“Jon embraces a positive motivating method that gets people to work even more while enjoying what they do, and he dedicates so much of his free time for students. He continually showed support and appreciation with each project.”

Laflamme also excelled inside the classroom, and his service-minded attitude was evident during class time according to Associate Professor of Management Kathi Lovelace. “As a student, he easily connects with others and has a natural ability of engaging others in the learning process. His engaged attitude motivated me, and I know he encouraged others to thoughtfully think about course content.”

The one piece of advice that he would like to pass along to incoming or current students is simple, try something new! “Get out of your comfort zone and don’t be afraid to fail. While you’re in school is the best time to test trial things you know nothing about.”

His motivation and drive and involvement in campus clubs led him to a full-time job with the Trust For Public Land non-profit organization. As a Project Manager, Laflamme will be in charge of marketing projects for building parks and preserving and expanding national parks across the country.