David C. Irmer ’58 Joins Board of Trustees

Menlo College is pleased to announce that David C. Irmer '58 has recently joined our Board of Trustees.

“I have always felt very fortunate to have been given the opportunity to attend Menlo College,” said Irmer.

“My professors gave me the understanding that academic failure was simply not one of my options. The instruction I received at Menlo College gave me the foundation required to become the real estate professional I chose to be, and the successes I've enjoyed.

“Judge Russell would impress upon me the need to ‘Find my passion'. I learned that hard work and dedication to your studies is only one piece of the greater puzzle. Without a clear vision of what you want to become and the desire to get there, college will have been only a halfway house on the way to maturity.

“Menlo College continues to touch my personal and professional life. As a major real estate developer in the Bay Area, I have been able to fulfill my early passion to become part of the effort to redevelop some of our great cities. I enjoy every aspect of the development industry and continue to engage our Bay Area communities in land use changes and transitional upgrading of densities and design.

“I have been married to my wife Martha for twenty-nine years. I am the father of Leslie, David II, Christian, and Derek. Our seven grandchildren have become the centerpiece of our lives. We are most grateful.

“I have a lot to thank Menlo for, both as an 1958 SBA alum and a proud parent of two children who attended the College.”