Collaboration of Good Will and Business

Mike Liguori

March 27, 2012

Mike Liguori, a Menlo College alumnus with a degree in Business Management, recently started Operation Work Warriors, a non-profit organization designed to help military veterans transition back into society through professional development.

“I started this non-profit through my own challenges. I know what it was like to struggle as a veteran to find a job,” said Liguori. “Our main emphasis is one-on-one human interaction. Our goal is to develop veterans into working professionals using this human contact.”

Liguori participated in the Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America annual event “Storm the Hill” in Washington, D.C., this week. He was part of the group of twenty-seven veterans from across the nation, who met with members of the Congress and the Senate to discuss issues facing veterans, making a big emphasis on veterans’ employment.

During his years in Menlo, Liguori started writing a book about his experiences in Iraq. The collection of 15 short stories, titled “The Sandbox: Stories of Human Spirit and War”, is set for release in late spring – early summer.

“I wanted people to see different sides of war. The book also talks about being home and living with the post-traumatic stress, what it was like to reject help, friends, and feel isolated from the world,” added Liguori. “By starting my non-profit, I hope I will be able to help guys understand that people do care. You just need to ask for help.”