Celebrating December Graduates

Menlo College celebrates the students who will complete their undergraduate degree requirements next week.

December 2012 graduates with President James J. Kelly from left to right: Michael Lenhof, Yessica Valverde, Javier Garcia, John Neenan, Matheus Barbosa, Derrick Tanag, Virgil Thompson, Andrew Molinary, Anthony Ramirez, Emelina Garcia, Joel Blake, and Dr. Kelly.

December 7, 2012

Menlo College President James J. Kelly held a reception to celebrate students who have completed the requirements for their undergraduate degree on Thursday, December 6, 2012. Faculty, staff, and family members gathered in President Kelly’s home to honor the soon-to-be graduates. Guests were addressed by Provost James W. Woolever who shared a motivating speech about how to make dreams become reality. The focus was on the inspirational story of the late Randy Pausch, former professor at Carnegie Mellon University, whose road to success was stimulated by his belief in his dreams.

“Tonight we are celebrating with you the accomplishment of one of your dreams,” said Woolever, “You are living proof that dreams come true – you are a college graduate! It is our hope that you will make your next set of dreams a reality and that your life is filled with happiness, health, and much prosperity.”

“Right now I am not sure whether to be happy or sad that it's over!” said Tristan Heckerl, who will be graduating with a Bachelor of Science in Marketing. “College was a really enjoyable time in my life and it would be nice to stick around a little longer. However, it's time to move on and I'm excited to do so! I am excited to see where life takes me.”

Out of 23 December graduates, 17 will earn a Bachelor of Science in Business Management, and 6 will receive a Bachelor or Arts in Mass Communications, Psychology, and Liberal Arts.

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