Campus Security Update

As part of an ongoing improvement strategy for our security efforts on campus, Menlo College will be integrating a campus wide video surveillance system with our resident hall entry control system. We have also added three emergency phones on campus.

Since August 2007, we have operated an Emergency Notification System (ENS). It is a way for us to alert a mass amount of people, such as the Menlo campus, to the possibility or threat of a natural disaster, emergency, etc. in as brief an amount of time as possible. Think of it as when you are listening to the radio and the Emergency Broadcast System comes on. This allows those of us with ENS activator status to dial into a phone or log into our computer accts and send out alerts quickly to the entire campus in an emergency situation.

In addition to emergency notification tools, the ENS system provides us with interesting non-security features, allowing us to send voice messages to home, work, and cell phones; to send text messages to cell phones, PDAs and other text-based devices; to send written messages to e-mail accounts; and to send messages to TTY/TDD receiving devices for the hearing impaired. It can be used by any department to disperse any kind of data. It even has a mail merge feature where you can include individual details, such as room assignment, names, etc.

Although we are one of the safest small campuses in the US as evidenced by the CLERY Act Report which details crime statistics for colleges and universities, we continually work to insure that we have a secure and comfortable environment. The report for our campus is available on our website on the Security page under Campus Services. As always, we appreciate our students' ongoing help by participating in our Campus Watch program to make our community as safe as possible. If you see any questionable activity or feel concerned by suspicious persons in the parking lots or on campus, please call security immediately. We take the security of our students with the utmost seriousness, and we will continue to strengthen our efforts to use technology that provides a safe environment.