Benefits of Networking

Student lands an internship as a result of a project in class.

December 13, 2012

Networking is one of the most important aspects in today’s competitive job market.  A benefit of attending Menlo College is the networking opportunities offered to students, whether this is an event featuring alumni, a guest speaker in class, or a class project that requires connecting with Silicon Valley’s business leaders.

Senior Amanda Utpadel is one of the most recent examples of the benefits that this system provides. As part of an Ethics course Amanda was required to conduct an “Ethics Audit.” For the project students had to interview the executives of a corporation to evaluate how ethical the company is.

“We called a ton of people at Nokia and finally contacted a guy named Brett Murray, former head of the executive marketing and strategic alliances at Nokia,” said Utpadel. “After we interviewed him, I followed up and thanked him and told him what we got on our project. I also added him on LinkedIn.”

Recently, Amanda received an internship at Swipp, Inc., whose Vice President of Consumers is Brett Murray, the same man she interviewed for her “Ethics Audit.” Murray had contacted her upon leaving Nokia and told her about the available internship position. Amanda went through the interview process and ultimately landed the internship, thus proving that networking can be an effective tool to advance one’s professional career.