Baseball Alumni Return to the Field

Baseball alumni were back on the field on Sunday, October 3, kicking red dirt and swinging the bat. Most of them had played recently. Third year assistant baseball coach Jimmy Meuel said “I wanted to reconnect with the guys. They're still in decent shape!” The alumni team was led by Jeff Bowman '09, son of Ken Bowman, former head baseball coach and now Director of Admissions.

The core fans were in the stands. Bob and Tana Budelli, with Grandpa Guido, were cheering for Chris Budelli' 09, left field and lead-off batter. Steve Monderine proudly mentioned that his son, Robbie “Mondo” Monderine '09, would be joining the Coast Guard, training in New Jersey. Sonny and Pat Medina drove in from Sparks, NV, to see their son Matthew Medina '09, who played summer ball with the NorCal Longhorns under Lenny Vaught, who was coaching in the alumni dugout.

Jon and Lori Rand, parents of Jon Rand, freshman pitcher, said their son is very glad he came to Menlo. Jon has worked hard on his best pitch, the “cutter,” so deceptive that it looks like a fastball crossing inside. C. Niven Jones '74 provided fan support and a friendly face for junior pitcher Tristan Heckerl from Seoul, Korea. His father teaches at a military base in Korea.

The current varsity team won both games. JD Ochoa '12, outfielder, quipped, “Good to see these guys and see that they still love the game. As old as they are, they're good competition to help get us ready.” Joel Hull '11 said “I'm surprised at how much they have left in them since graduating. It's good! They have a couple of pitchers who gave us a good look and were trying to treat this seriously as much as possible.” Chris Mazza '12, pitcher/infielder, summed it up: “It's fun to see these guys we looked up to as freshmen and get to play against them now.”

Other alumni players included: Kevin Boucher '06, Ben Hicks '07, Aaron 'Bud' Lilly '07, Robby McDonald '08, Robbie 'Nelly' Nelson '09, Brian Priestly '10, Dan Rico '07, Michael Ryder '08, Donte Snyder '09, Matt 'Simpy' Simpson '09, Sam Stewart '09, Darren Takashi '11 and Mike Taylor '06.