Amaryon Bates, A Model Student at Menlo College

Amaryon Bates

Amaryon Bates had a one-in-a million experience while selling luxury accessories and sportswear at a part-time job at Michael Kors in the Stanford Shopping Mall. As they say in the modeling world, he was discovered. A representative from the modeling trade noticed him, and recommended that he consider a modeling career. Bates, who had never modeled before, checked out his chances, and he was immediately chosen to sign a two-year contract with Look Model Agency in San Francisco.

“My business classes at Menlo College really helped me with that contract,” he said. “Menlo gave me tools that I was able to use for the transaction. I think of Menlo as a knowledge source!”

After his first two months at Look, he has an agent, and he has already spent a day modeling for Jansport backpacks. In his commercial first photo shoot, he spent the day with a backpack posing in a car, skateboarding, and walking up and down the streets of San Francisco.

Bates hasn’t always made wearing the best colors his priority. He refers to his hometown Sacramento as a close-knit family town. He spent most of his time playing basketball and doing track & field. When he was in high school, he started his own t-shirt line when he worked part-time at a silk screen shop.

Bates has also marketed for The Streetwear Truck, a mobile clothing retail store. Located inside of a 20-foot step van, The Streetwear Truck is a store filled with local clothing brands including t-shirts, shorts, hats, and accessories. “That’s where I learned to express myself through clothes,” he said.

To market his clothing line, he also learned about event planning, contractual agreements, and media promotion. Bates is a finance major and President of the Black Student Union (BSU). After graduation from Menlo College, he hopes to start his own business as a marketing consultant.

His BSU involvement with events such as the recent Apollo Night have added to his event-planning skills. “I’ve always been into business,” he explained. “I started out as a kid selling energy drinks at events, and all of my experiences have helped me learn how to run a business.”

Bates is not the first Menlo College student to pursue part-time modeling, and will no doubt not be the last. The College’s location in the Bay Area, with San Francisco so close by, makes it ideal.

Adding yet more diversity to his professional experience, Bates was delighted when he was accepted to work at the Super Bowl last year. He proudly emphasized, “I’m the only student at Menlo who did that!”