A Communications Dream Team

Business management majors Quynh Anh Nguyen Tran '11 and Adrien de Sayve '11 recently proposed a unique internship team for the Office of External Affairs at Menlo College. After scheduling an information interview with Director of Communications Darcy Blake at the College, the duo suggested that they could write a weekly article for the College's website and social networking sites featuring students and campus activities. In addition to being published on the website, the articles will also be posted on the College's Facebook and LinkedIn sites. Quynh Anh and Adrien plan to collaborate on the story ideas with text written by Quynh Anh and photography by Adrien.

“Adrien and I have always been a good team. He loves photos; I love writing, so it's natural that we take up positions that are complementary. Adrien also has a very outgoing personality, which balances out my introvert character!” said Quynh Anh, whose prior journalism experience includes writing articles for her mother's publishing company in Vietnam.

Adrien recalled that when he was 17 years old, he borrowed a Nikon D200 from his uncle when he went to the Maldives. His photographic souvenir of the trip hooked him on photography. Adrien said, “I like photography because I can make the world see things the way I do, and because when I'm old I want to be able to open a photo album and see more then just blank pages, I want it to tell a story. I like taking pictures so that people can see the beauty in something you normally don't see.”

Their first article published on the College website on October 18 is about Charvon Keliihoomalu, Assistant SERV Coordinator and organizer of campus activities for Domestic Violence Awareness Month.