85 Years 85 Artists Art Exhibition Opens to the Public

By Bayley Blackney

Menlo College hosted the 85 Years 85 Artists art show to celebrate its 85th anniversary on March 26. The walls of the Menlo College Administration Building were transformed into historical illustrations by artists from around the world who were randomly assigned a year to illustrate.  The 85 Years 85 Artists exhibit was eagerly embraced by artists in 21 states, plus the Netherlands, England and Italy.

Over 200 guests including members of the Menlo community and artists attended the reception for event and 13 pieces were sold. People had the opportunity to view the masterpieces while conversing with some of the artists featured in the exhibition.

Joan Schulze, a local artist from Sunnyvale, California, voiced her thoughts on the project and the art show reception:

“I liked being part of a community enterprise such as 85 Years 85 Artists. The exhibition’s premise presented quite a challenge.  I took some time to research 1986 and decided that collage was the perfect medium to express so many ideas in one artwork. At the opening, I met some of the artists and enjoyed seeing how many ways and means were used to interpret a year. Quite inspiring.”

Sandra C. Fernández, an artist from Austin, Texas, was assigned to the year 1954. Fernández remarked on her experience:

“I loved the idea for the project since the beginning. It was a very exciting challenge to find and develop within an assigned year, an aspect that related to the interests in my research and practice as an artist. I was very curious to see what the rest of the artists would decide to highlight. It was so wonderful to see the results in all the works that were shared in the blog. Felt so honored to be part of this amazing group of artists!”

The exhibit will be on display through July 11, 2014.