2016 Honors Convocation

2016 Honors Convocation

At the 2016 Honors Convocation, students were presented with awards for their scholarship, leadership and service to the Menlo community:

Devin Gaines
Board of Trustees Award
Presented by Mike Gullard, Menlo College Trustee, who noted that Devin “never hesitates to be of service to others.”

Andres Camarillo
Golden Oak Service Award
Presented by Professor Marianne Marrar-Yacobian, who described Andres as “quiet yet fiercely comfortable in his own skin.”

Rielle Dopke
Menlo Spirit Award
Presented by Professor Frances Turner, who praised Rielle for “her perseverance and a drive like no other.”

Joshua Szin
Judge Russell Award
Presented by Professor Janis Zaima, who observed “his willingness to help others.”

Taylor Morrow
Wall Street Journal Award
Presented by Professor Leslie Sekerka, who was impressed by Taylor’s “sincere commitment to everything she takes on and her humility.”

Emebet Aklilu
Psychology Award
Presented by Professor Mark Hager, who praised Emebet’s “excellent strategy and intellectual depth.”

Cheyenne Grant
Al Jacobs Award
Presented by ProfessorJodie Austin, who noted that Cheyenne is a “student of tremendous substance.”

Alannah Rodriquez
Don Jordan Award
Presented by Professor Lowell Pratt, who cited Alannah’s ”eagerness to learn and passion.”

Also recognized as recipients of the Richard F. O’Brien Awards were:
Zacchaeus Beatty & Nataly Vuong
Angela Tsung & Bradley Sawin
Hunter Dupee & Anthony Marin
Jiayi Gao & Brian Brownfield

View pictures from the 2016 Honors Convocation ceremony here: Honors Convocation 2016