NCSSORS – Sports Statisticians at Menlo

On October 16, Menlo College will host the 2010 Northern California Symposium on Statistics and Operations Research in Sports. Benjamin C. Alamar Ph.D., Assistant Professor of Sports Management at Menlo College, is the organizer of this annual meeting of pro teams, sports media, and academic statisticians who will present original research and discuss the pressing issues in the field of sports statistics. Featured speakers this year are Sig Mejdal of the St Louis Cardinals and Roland Beech of the Dallas Mavericks.

NCSSORS is sponsored by a partnership of Menlo College, The Journal of Quantitative Analysis in Sports, and Statistics in Sports Section of the American Statistical Association. This conference is designed to provide an academic environment that just happens to satisfy the curiosities of truly dedicated sports pros and academicians. Have you ever wondered exactly how much a pitcher's accuracy is improved through his catcher's spotting? Who are the best goal scorers in football? Let's analyze the order of selections in an NFL player draft and the effect on winning. Does winning NBA games in the regular season reflect in the playoffs season? Blame the umpire for a bad call? Is there referee bias in an NFL game, and to what degree? Every manager wants to know how to compile the best batting order in baseball? In addition to answering questions such as these, experts study and define the performance coefficient in golf tourneys, as well as predict how sports collectibles retain their value.

To learn more, please contact Ben Alamar (, the organizer of the symposium.

Program and Schedule

Conference attendees and presenters come from around the world, a variety of academic fields as well as professional sports. We currently expect to have representatives in attendance from teams in the NFL, MLB and NBA. Tickets may be purchased online through Eventbrite.