Nate Faygenholtz – A Path to Success

by Quynh Anh Nguyen Tran '11

With a bright smile and carefree attitude, nobody would have guessed that this 19-year-old works two jobs while taking 18 units and presiding over the Menlo Contender Club.

Nate Faygenholtz, junior majoring in Mass Communication, laughs, “I'm still rather young!” But he is already showing the responsibility needed for a full-fledged adult.

Nate currently is marketing products for Simplicity Health as their Independent Business Associate, and working 30 hours/week as barista at Starbucks. Still he wants to explore the journalistic field.

“I was really interested in journalism,” he explains, “and I really wanted to get involved.” So for a short while, he joined the Menlo Park Patch, an online newspaper that reports exclusively about the area.

Unfortunately the job did not turn out as well as he has hoped. Nate found himself under great pressure. “It is a professional job, and I didn't have the experience,” he confesses (personally I think his articles are great – thoughtful and detailed).

But he hasn't abandoned all hope. Nate has officially taken up a position with the Menlo Oak, Menlo College's in-house newspaper publishing team.

Business professionalism aside, Nate is also devoting himself to getting the Contender Club back up and running. The club's mission is to introduce boxing and kickboxing to the Menlo community.

“We had lots of fun last year,” Nate reminisces, “and hopefully we'll host a couple of events next semester. The Athletics department has been really cooperative with us.”

By now I'm sure you are thinking, wow, he's busy! “Yes I like keeping myself busy,” Nate says, “but no where near as much as Hanna, [MCSGA president]. Hanna's the busiest man in the world.”

But here's the kicker: Nate is trying to start his own company by the time he graduates. “That's my big project,” he states.

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