Monday Speaker Series Hosts Dr. Gary M. Segura

By Taylor Morrow

On Monday, October 6 the Monday Speaker Series presented by Academic and Student Affairs continues with a presentation from Dr. Gary M. Segura. The event will be held in the Russell Center at 7:00 pm. It is a great opportunity to hear a prominent political figure’s discussion on improving today’s society.

Professor Michelson says, “We're extremely fortunate to be able to bring Dr. Segura in as part of our Monday Speaker Series. Anyone who is interested in the question of same-sex marriage and how the issue is likely to play out in the courts, or who is interested in the growing Latino population and how that will affect the 2014 and future elections, should come to Dr. Segura's talk. He's a well-known expert on both topics, and an entertaining and enthusiastic speaker. It promises to be a provocative and fascinating discussion.”

Dr. Segura is a professor of American Politics and Chair of Chicano/a-Latino/a Studies at Stanford University. He was an expert witness for the landmark LGBT rights cases in 2013 and has testified in many voting rights cases and LGBT civil rights cases. He has also filed amicus curiae briefs on subjects pertaining to marriage equality and affirmative action.

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