Menlo Student Divya Nag – Forbes Pick for 30 under 30

Her name is Divya Nag ‘14 and she has just been chosen as one of Forbes 30 under 30, top talent–people under age 30 who are not only smart entrepreneurs, but also make the world a better place.

“I signed up to do stem cell research at the Stanford School of Medicine. I had no research experience prior to applying for this position, but I convinced the lead scientist to take a chance on me. Before long, I was doing research on taking skin cells and turning them into beating heart cells in a dish,” said Nag.

“Within 2 years I had 17 publications on the research…I had found what I was truly passionate about–building technologies that impact people. Within a few months of finishing the technology, we had top 10 pharmaceutical companies knocking at our door to try our technology.

That’s when we made a decision that completely changed the course of my path, we decided to start a company and commercialize our technology. I co-founded Stem Cell Theranostics in 2011 with 3 other co-founders.”

“I started at Menlo College last fall, and it has completely changed my life,” said Nag. At Menlo, she learned how to create profit and loss statements, income statements and balance sheets, and how to pitch in front of investors. She learned about organizational behavior and management 101. She said that Menlo has given her more than just the ability to understand how to make financial statements, how to incorporate a company, and what laws startups need to follow.

“Menlo College has given me confidence… something that is truly invaluable,” said Nag. “That’s amazingly powerful.”

Forbes 30 under 30: Science & Healthcare