Menlo College WASC Accreditation Reaffirmed

President Haight is pleased to announce that on February 26, 2009, the Western Association of Schools & Colleges (WASC) Accrediting Commission for Senior Colleges & Universities acted to “reaffirm the accreditation of Menlo College.”

“I could not be more proud of our faculty and staff for their many hours of work and perseverance in helping us to maintain this important accreditation standard,” said the president.

Accreditation is a rigorous assessment of all of the processes within an institution of higher education, and the ways in which stakeholders participate in the academic, financial, and planning aspects of that institution.

Colleges that choose to participate in accreditation must devote significant time and effort to demonstrate ongoing evaluation of and improvement in their educational resources and offerings to provide the best possible outcomes for students.

“Accreditation is one important way in which parents and students can evaluate the quality of an institution when they make their college choice,” said Jim Kelly, provost and chief academic officer.