Menlo College Students Prep Marketing for Startup Chef Koochooloo

By Enrique Guzman-Alvarez, 2015 Intern

Chef Koochooloo is an international educational app that guides kids and their parents on international culinary journeys while enhancing math, science, and geography skills. At the same time, the experience raises awareness about worldwide causes that affect kids. The platform includes an after-school program, as well as a complimentary iPad application on iTunes. As a startup that looks to create healthy lifestyles, Chef Koochooloo has been making strides thanks to the involvement of five Menlo College interns.

Menlo College students Enrique Guzman-Alvarez, Keisha Watanabe, Dustin Nakayama, Jiayi Zhu, and Zhihao Feng all contributed to Chef Koochooloo’s marketing success. According to Chef Koochooloo’s Founder & CEO Layla Sabourian, “Menlo students came to us eager to learn. We loved their positive attitude and energy.”

Jiayi Zhu worked on marketing through social media. She established an Instagram account and helped the organization reach 300 followers within two months. Jiayi also helped manage their Pinterest page.

Zhihao Feng worked primarily on the app database, sourcing many international recipes and photos.

Keisha Watanabe was responsible for creating a video summary of the French Camp as well as a birthday package, while also managing their LinkedIn and Google+ accounts.

Dustin Nakayama handled their accounting and was able to establish accounting practices moving forward.

Enrique Guzman-Alvarez is working on their accounting system while also marketing the app through social media. He has added and revised recipes to the finished Chef Koochooloo app. “Chef Koochooloo has shown me the overall skills to succeed as a start-up through hard work, communication, and determination,” said Guzman-Alvarez.

Chef Koochooloo is thrilled with the participation from Menlo College students. “We could not have asked for a better team,” said Sabourian.