Menlo College Receives $21.3 Million Bequest from Belloc Family

Menlo College has just received a $21.3 million bequest from the Hope Bartnett Belloc Trust. “This landmark gift—the largest cash donation in Menlo College's 81-year history—will further our efforts to create cutting-edge business programs for tomorrow's leaders and entrepreneurs,” College President G. Timothy Haight announced today.

“Mrs. Belloc's generosity will greatly aid our ability to reinvent Menlo College for the 21st century,” Haight continued. “This contribution will provide a cornerstone to the institution's endowment and strengthen plans to bolster its business curriculum, hire world-class faculty members and establish deeper ties with Silicon Valley business and industry.”

Menlo College was named as one of three beneficiaries by Mrs. Belloc. The other two recipients are the Radcliffe Institute for Advanced Study and the United Cerebral Palsy Foundation.

Menlo College was remembered in Mrs. Belloc's will as a result of the care and attention her son, Martin, received while attending Menlo College in 1962-63. Over the years, Mrs. Belloc—who passed away in 1969—wrote a number of letters to Menlo thanking the College for its personal support of Martin and the education he received. President Haight said that such individual attention is typical of the collegiate experience a small campus like Menlo can provide.

“Mrs. Belloc was grateful for the attention we paid to her son, even though he attended Menlo for a short time,” Haight said. “This is the kind of individualized mentorship we offer all of our students.”

The late Judge John D. Russell, the founder and director of Menlo's prestigious School of Business Administration, was famed for his forthright, compassionate approach to education. He often referred to his charges as the “sons of Menlo,” a designation that graduates still hold in high esteem to this very day.

Haight said Menlo takes great pains to continue this tradition.

“I think if Judge Russell were here today, he surely would be pleased about the opportunities we are creating for our students.”

Mrs. Belloc's trust was ranked 32nd last year in The Chronicle of Philanthropy's top 50 donors in America. The trust has a total of $57.9 million committed to the three institutions.

For more information about the Belloc Trust bequest, call 650-543-3901 or e-mail