Menlo College Professor’s Vision of Open Source Medicine Featured by Healthline

Michael Laufer

Atherton, CA – November 10, 2017 – Healthline, the health information site read by over 40 million people each month, described Menlo College Professor Michael Laufer’s pursuit of a future in which drug formulas for medications are available through no-cost or “open source” access. In the Healthline article, Laufer’s describes his hope for “a world in which you produce the prescription medicine you need right inside your home.”

The idea of open source access to drug formulae follows Laufer’s September 2016 release of a do-it-yourself epinephrine injector, dubbed the “EpiPencil.” With colleagues who are collectively known as the Four Thieves Vinegar Collective, Laufer is pursuing the release of open source formulae of some of the most expensive medications in the United States. “When you are looking at life-saving medications, looking at things that have the biggest barriers in terms of price or legality or infrastructure, [these] are the ones that are most in the political limelight,” says Laufer.

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