Menlo College President James Kelly Offers Support to Bethany University Students

July 18, 2011

Dear Bethany University Students and Parents,

We at Menlo College are saddened by the circumstances of our good partner and fellow small school, Bethany University. Therefore, we would like to extend a hand to help support you in your academic pursuits. All Bethany students pursuing undergraduate degrees in business or psychology are eligible for transfer to Menlo College. We will honor all transferable courses and make every effort to provide students with their current scholarship arrangements for completed applications received by August 20, 2011. We will provide:

  • Free transcript evaluation
  • Waiver of application fee
  • Complimentary one-night on-campus accommodation for a personal tour and meeting with admissions counselor.
  • Tuition assistance of up to 50% for residential students and up to 35% for commuters

For immediate attention, please contact Cindy McGrew, Director of Enrollment Management Operations at: or 650.543.3940, and mention your status with Bethany University.

Our senior team has extensive experience dealing with academic crises. We successfully transitioned 67 students victimized by Hurricane Katrina in their relocation to a new institution from the New Orleans area to northern California.

Please let us know if we may be of service.


James J. Kelly, PhD
Immediate Past President of the National Association of Social Workers