Menlo College Breaks Ground on New Residence Hall

New Residence Hall Construction Site

ATHERTON, Calif. (April 6, 2021) – For the first time in nearly half a century, Menlo College is adding a new building to its 94-year old campus. Thanks to the generosity of two anonymous donors, the College is pleased to announce that construction has begun on a sixth residence hall. It received final approval for the building in late 2020, and began site preparation this February. 

The new $20 million residence hall will be home to nearly 300 students in double-occupancy rooms, spread across three floors. The building will also include shared kitchens and common areas for studying and socializing. Menlo College is fortunate to have received donations to cover 100% of the project cost.  

“The new hall will give many more students the opportunity to enjoy the Menlo residential college experience, integrating them in a vibrant environment that fosters academic and personal excellence in the heart of Silicon Valley,” said Menlo College President Steven Weiner. “We are immensely grateful for the generous donor support in pursuing this tremendous undertaking.” 

The residence hall is scheduled to be completed in April 2022, well in advance of the celebration of the centennial anniversary of the founding of Menlo College in 2027. The building does not replace any existing infrastructure, but rather takes advantage of available space in the middle of the residence hall area of campus. The work completed thus far includes clearing the area that will outline the new building, and before too long the infrastructure of the new residence hall will take shape.

Everyone is encouraged to follow along on the journey and watch in real-time as the building is constructed on our live Nest Cams! Take a look at the live feeds:

About Menlo College

Menlo College was established in 1927. It is a small, private, non-profit, four-year, accredited, residential college located in Atherton, California. Menlo College’s location in Silicon Valley, one of the world’s most entrepreneurial and innovative geographical areas, has enabled the college to create a valuable market niche for its students locally — as well as globally. Menlo College cultivates in its students the skills, integrity, and passion to make meaningful contributions in an innovation economy.