Meet the Lees—Alumni Times Six

Meet the Lees—Alumni Times Six

Kim, Julie, and Kelly Lee attended Menlo College in the 80s and 90s, and they all—yes all—married Menlo College alumni! Here’s a wonderful spotlight on their family and the fun times they enjoyed at Menlo.

Dale Lee, the mother of Kim, Julie, and Kelly, worked as the Registrar at South San Francisco High School. She explained what it was like to have four children heading towards college beginning in 1990.

“Needless to say, finances were always a worry! The girls were very involved with their high school volleyball teams, and I attended most of their games during their high school years. Their coach, Ann Stluka, was instrumental in introducing us to the Menlo College Women’s Volleyball Team. The rest is history. All the girls attended and played volleyball for Menlo. With the help of scholarships offered by Menlo, college tuition was made possible. I encouraged many other students at the high school to apply to Menlo College as well.”

Kim Moore ‘93

Kim Moore is the oldest of the three “Lee sisters.” She was a Mass Communication major, and she played on the volleyball, tennis, and softball teams. She was inducted into the Menlo Sports Hall of Fame in 2007. Kim has many fond memories of her time at Menlo, not the least of which is the meeting of her future husband, Dustin Moore ’94.

Dustin Moore was also a volleyball player at Menlo. Dustin and Kim married in 1999, at nearby Holbrook-Palmer Park, and they have three kids, Teagan, Tanner, and Brayden. The family tradition of volleyball and a Menlo-connection continues: their daughter plays club volleyball in the area, and is being coached by Tori Arild ‘16, a current member of Menlo College’s volleyball team!

Kim is in the corporate training profession as a Sales Training Manager at Quotient Technology. Dustin is the Club Director at City Beach Volleyball Club, and also the Head Volleyball Coach at Presentation High School in San Jose.

Kim recalls, “I have so many great memories from Menlo! Playing sports gave me lifelong friendships with many of my teammates. I especially had a great experience playing on the volleyball team. We all had a close connection with each other. When I was a freshman, we won the Western Regional and made it into the NCAA Final Four tournament. We went to St. Louis, Missouri for the tournament, and rode through the St. Louis Arch.

“My softball experience was fun but it was the complete opposite of my volleyball successes. I’m pretty sure we lost every game! Most of the softball team was made up of volleyball players who had never played before,” she said. She remembers dances, SpringFest, a week
of fun activities in the spring time (“we had a hypnotist one year!”), parties, intramural softball, late nights working on the school newspaper, and playing cards with friends.

Kelly Sargent ‘96

Kim and her sister Kelly were at Menlo for 2 years together, and both played on the same volleyball and softball teams. When their sister Julie was at Menlo, Kim wanted to be a part of her experience too, so she helped coach the volleyball team for a couple of seasons. Kelly also graduated with a degree in Mass Communication. Her husband Doug Sargent graduated from Menlo in 1991.

Kelly works at a small private school called Woodside Priory School in Portola Valley, as the Director of Communications. She has been at the Priory for 11 years. Doug also works at Woodside Priory as the Middle School Athletic Director and teacher. Over the years, Doug has hired several Menlo College students as coaches.

Their daughters Samantha and Kiana also attend the Priory and play club volleyball. Their uncle Dustin coaches both of them.

Kelly recalls, “When Kim started attending Menlo, she invited me to visit her one weekend. After my visit, I was completely hooked on Menlo and could not wait to attend there myself. When my kids ask me when I had the best time of my life, I always say it was while I was at Menlo. I played volleyball and softball, and the friendships that I developed became lifelong. Our volleyball team was like a family. We lived in a suite in Michaels Hall where our doors rarely closed. We kept the doors open and we would simply drift from one room to another. I fondly remember one day when one of the girls had received a 10 pound chocolate bar as a gift. We covered the bar with a jar of peanut butter, and seven of us ate the entire homemade peanut butter cup while watching soap operas.

“My sister Julie and I lived next door to each other in El Camino. Julie and I look very similar and our poor teachers had a hard time telling us apart. Kim was lucky being the first ‘Lee Girl’ (our nickname at Menlo; I actually had a personalized license plate that said LEEGRL). I was called by our professors, ‘Kim- I mean Kelly’ and when Julie came four years later, she was called, ‘Kim- I mean Kelly- I mean JULIE!’

“The restroom in El Camino had a mirror near the doorway. Julie walked into the restroom, said, ‘Oh hey Kel,’ and then came to realize that it was her own reflection in the mirror. We laughed about that for a long time!

“There were a lot of students from Hawaii, and there were many nights that everyone would gather outside and play music and sing underneath the old oak tree. Where else in the world would you experience something like that?”

Julie Lenox ‘99

Continuing the Lee family tradition, Julie graduated from Menlo in 1999. She married Nathan Lenox ’98. She is an Advertising Account Manager for a privately held grocery company (H-E-B) in San Antonio, TX, and Nathan owns Red Dot Tool, a business that buys and sells tools used in the aerospace industry.

“I remember how Menlo felt like an extension of my family – the beautiful campus, small classes and how friendly everyone was. It definitely helped me to have my sisters close. And they were really close: Kelly and I actually shared a dorm room in El Camino hall the first semester. Kim lived across the street and helped coach the volleyball team.

“I have great memories of film class with Al Jacobs, photography with Otto Gruele, TV/media studies with Marla Lowenthal, sport and radio with Doug Carroll. I loved how we were able to have hands-on training. Technology has changed a lot, but it was definitely a unique experience to splice your own audio reel and develop your own film. My volleyball family was awesome as well. We traveled to tournaments and had a blast. I also was part of the Hawaii Club and participated in the annual luau a few times. It was a wonderful experience to bring a little aloha to campus, and something I look back on fondly.”

Julie added “Nathan and I recently visited the Bay Area with our kids Grant and Piper, and had a nice time reminiscing about our Menlo days. I gained an education, have many great memories, and have cherished the lifelong friendships made during my four years at Menlo.”