Marketing Class Promotes New York Red Bulls

In Professor Fabian Eggers' Marketing Management class, students are doing more than just learning about the basic principles of marketing; they are applying these concepts to a real-life situation that illustrates the importance of marketing and advertising in today's competitive business climate.

The students (Savannah Brownell, Lissette Cano, Jones Chiang, Sean Meyer, Erik Rasmussen, Tim Tatum, Steven Lopes) are given the opportunity to formulate a real marketing plan geared towards the success of the Major League Soccer Team New York Red Bulls, the Red Bulls Soccer Academy, and the new Red Bull Arena.

The management of New York Red Bulls hopes to use the students' marketing plan to increase attendance at both the academy and the games themselves, and to improve customer satisfaction and experience with the team.

The students will be in contact with New York Red Bulls representatives throughout the semester, building and developing the marketing plan as they simultaneously work toward completing the course objectives. The class is using this experience to better understand the fundamentals of all marketing principles and their functions in the everyday business based on the sporting entertainment industry.

This project is emblematic of Menlo College's mission to prepare their students for success in both the classroom and the business industry.