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We’re here for you

We at Menlo College extend our sympathy to all of the students, faculty, staff, and alumni at MacMurray College for all that you are currently encountering.

Menlo’s faculty and staff are ready to support MacMurray students as they search for pathways to complete their education. Menlo’s Admissions Team is available to help you explore your options and make the transfer process as quick and seamless as possible. Menlo would like to offer the following to any MacMurray College student wishing to study management (all things business) or psychology:

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Academic Programs

At Menlo, we focus on business education with a strong liberal arts base. Every undergraduate student of our top-ranked business school completes a strong, liberal-arts based general education curriculum, an appropriate core curriculum covering the basics of their discipline and advanced courses comprising their major area of specialization. We offer the following majors and concentrations:

  • Accounting
  • Finance
  • International Management
  • Marketing
  • Real Estate
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Human Resources Management
  • Management
  • Psychology
  • Sports Management


Anne Dhariwal

Paolo Nogoy

Sariah Mokuahi

About Menlo College

Founded in 1927, Menlo College is a small private four-year college with a mission to ignite potential and educate students to make meaningful contributions in the innovation economy. A residential college in the heart of Silicon Valley just outside San Francisco, Menlo College offers degrees in business and psychology. Our students come from all over the world to learn leadership, critical thinking, creativity, team building, communication and the science of behavior. We take advantage of the strong innovative community around us.  Students are required to take an internship at one of the many companies and incubators with which we have partnerships. We are proud of our intimate and engaged student community, fueled by our spirited and competitive athletics program.

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Alan Alvarez will be your dedicated transfer advisor
You can text or call him: 650-543-3920
Or email him: alan.alvarez@menlo.edu

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