Legal Assassination

by Quynh Anh Nguyen Tran '11

Want to play Halo's Slayer mode in real life? Then the Student Union's Assassination Game is for you! Read more to find out how to legally slay your friends!

Wandering in the Student Union, you may notice a gigantic board on the back wall that boasts student portraits. In those photos, some are widely grinning, some are pinned with a “dead” mark. (Photo by Adrien de Sayve '11)

They are the participants of the highly sneaky Assassin Game. Out of the original 67 assassins to date, only 35 remain.

The rules: Each player is given a target, who is another player. The kill happens when the assassin taps his/her target with a sticker. The assassin then continues to hunt his target's target. The game renews when the top five emerge.

Safe haven: Players are only safe from ambush when he/she is in class, at athletics training and events, or in their own room. Carrying the immunity item (a safety pass) in a 4-finger grip will do the trick, too.

The twist: Starting this week, dead players are revived to slay the survivors. Beware, though, for they can target any player they want…sound like revenge time?

Winning tip: “Really sneaky, crawl on the ground [and kill!]…just kidding,” says Howard Hoddick, a survivor. And learn how to eat while holding the immunity item, because the cafeteria is the number one vulnerable zone. Losing tip: Zone out while watching the Giants game in the Student Union, confirms Mitch, now more dead than alive.

Last word: Greig O'Connor, the creator of this game, explains, “This game puts people both on the offense and the defense.” So be on your tiptoes, assassins!

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